Common Mistakes in Decorating a Room to Avoid
Common Mistakes in Decorating a Room to Avoid

Common Mistakes in Decorating a Room to Avoid

There are a number of reasons why people don’t even try to decorate their own house and prefer to go with interior designers. The main and sole reason is that they are afraid that their dream house would look bad in front of their guests. What’s the point of having a house if it doesn’t look good to stay? It just wouldn’t feel like home, would it? Here are several mistakes in decorating a room to avoid!

Choosing A Color First

Never choose a color when decorating a room first. True, color is one of the biggest aspects to look at when decorating a room. But, it doesn’t need to come first. The first things you should choose are fabrics, carpets, or even rugs, then you could finally choose a color.

Minimum Lighting

Who likes living in the dark? Unless you’re a bat, we don’t think anyone wants to live in the dark. Minimum light not only makes the room feel dark, but also unhealthy. If you don’t want too many lights from the sun, at least put some lights, vice versa, if you don’t feel like putting too many lights, put some windows so the lights could come in, and move your furniture so it won’t block the lights coming in. Moreover, you can also save electricity during the day.

Lighting is crucial, as it can help a room look larger and more welcoming. Choosing the right lighting is essentially crucial too as you don’t want the lights too glaring but you don’t want it to be too dim.

Remember to Measure Your Furniture

Never buy furniture without measuring it first, measure your room first and where to put your furniture, it would be such a shame if your furniture collides with other kinds of stuff in your house. Besides being cramped and annoying, this will also reduce the aesthetic value of your room.

Too Much Decoration

Don’t get us wrong, having a decoration is a good thing, but having too much decoration is just painful to the eye. Also, consider the size of the decoration with the area of ​​the room. Having too much decoration in a small area of a room makes the room look and feels even smaller, which is never a good thing. Whereas, if you a spacious room, you can put decorations, but never too many.

First Timer Design

Interior designers could make mistakes at certain points. The problem with most people is that they think they could design by themselves, while they can’t. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh person to ask an honest opinion, as a friend. Ask them regarding color choice and even furniture arrangement. This is probably the right time where you need an interior designer. Interior Designers like CG Interior is already used to handle several room designs, starting from classic, contemporary, modern, industrialist, etc. Need help designing your dream home? Simply ask us by filling the form below!

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